Trading involves risk and reward. Our team takes that very seriously, and we recognize that you have many choices of investors- but we’re who you really want on your side. Here at US Stock Options, our approach is to observe the market, but never become a part of the market. This may seem contradictory, but to us, it couldn’t be more clear: If you follow the herd, you will most likely lose money. On the other hand, if you observe the herd and do the opposite at extreme levels, there’s a high probability you’ll make money. So, we observe the herd, but never become one of the herd. Unfortunately, not every position works out. There is no system that we’ve ever seen that is accurate 100 percent of the time. If someone tells you they have such a system, they are lying. We’re really playing the probabilities here. Frankly, the vast majority of option investors lose money, which leaves a small minority of option investors who do make a substantial amount of money. Our overriding goal is to make our subscribers that minority, and so far, we’ve done a pretty great job at accomplishing that goal.

Every day, we scan the market of optionable US Stocks that meet our criteria and have the highest potential for profit. After market close, we email our subscribers those stock option recommendations. If a stock is going to go up, it’s going to do so fairly quickly, or not at all. Because of our meticulous observation of these behaviors, our stop losses are fairly tight, and we don’t experience large losses.